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* You must apply for an Educationist ID (EID) before you are able to become a volunteer. The link to obtain an EID can be found in the form above. Scroll down for more information before you apply to become a tutor.

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Why should I become a tutor?

1) Volunteer Hours - Educationist Tutoring has officially become a nonprofit, allowing us to give out volunteering hours that can be used for fulfill certain club requirements, such as NJHS, Boy/Girl scouts, or in college applications. Going to competitive colleges requires you to stand out from everyone else and volunteering hours is a fantastic way of doing so, and Educationist Tutoring can let you get those hours!

2) Academic Performance - In order to teach a subject, a tutor must understand the subject first. By becoming a tutor and reading through our premade slideshows, you can brush up on certain subjects you might be unsure on. For example, teaching an Algebra 1 course will make you review those concepts in order to teach, ensuring you also have a good understanding.

3) Community - Something we pride ourselves on is emphasizing our community. We have a a tutor discord where tutors come together to talk with others and executives to make a better tutoring community. We love feedback and are always willing to listen to the concerns of tutors. We even hold monthly meetings with our tutors to keep them updated and so we can get suggestion on how to improve.

4) Flexibility - We have modeled our tutoring model on accessibility. We try to break financial, technology, and international barriers that impede tutoring. Additionally, even if you might be under a strict schedule, you get to pick the time you teach! We do not burden our tutors to a certain time but instead work with both students and tutors to reach a time that is comfortable with everyone. Everyone at Educationist Tutoring is a student, just like you, so we totally get it if you have any conflicts!

Special Opportunities

Registering in these special opportunities allows you to earn badges and other certificates. You can be recognized to serve in a partnership of Educationist. The benefit of teaching with a nonprofit partnership is that you do not have to worry about any of the planning for the classes. As long as you meet all of the requirements you are good to go!


- You must be at least 13 years old to apply to be a tutor
- There is NO monetary compensation - all of your work is as a volunteer. You will be awarded volunteer hours for your work
- It's fine if you only speak English - we can pair you with an English-speaking student
- If you are accepted as a tutor, you will gain access to a google drive with presentations and resources provided by other students   and content curators. You can use any of these resources to help make your session as excellent as possible!