Some rules to keep in mind for housekeeping.

Student Guidelines:

- If you miss 3 classes without notice (without sending an email to your tutor), the tutor can deactivate the class.

- If you don’t join within the first 20 minutes of a class without notice, it will be counted as a missed class.

- If you are unable to attend a class with your tutor, you MUST let your tutor know at least 12 hours before the class starts.

Volunteer Guidelines:

- If you miss 3 classes without telling your student at least 12 hours in advance, the student can deactivate the class.

- You must log every class you take through the Educationist Dashboard. Any class not logged, will not be given credit for.

- If any volunteer hours logged are suspicious or invalid, Educationist Tutoring can ban you. None of your prior hours will be valid anymore.

- If we get a email from your student saying they are uncomfortable/disliking your teaching style, we will help you learn teaching strategies. If this problem continues and we get another complaint, you will be banned.

- If we get a complaint that you were speaking inappropriately with your student, we will investigate the issue, you will be banned and legal action may be pursued.

- If you are unable to tutor anymore, please deactivate your classes.